How to Be Environmentally Friendly Quickly and Easily

By Geoffrey Moore

Some people may not realize it, but looking after the environment is an important goal that everyone must tackle. The environment helps the world and those living inside it in so many ways, and if care is not taken there could be severe consequences. But how can this be handled? What can a person do to help the environment? The answers are many.

  1. The next time you have a place that you need to get to, consider hanging up your car keys. Should the distance to your destination not be that long, you should consider utilizing a bike. A bike will not give off any emissions that could harm the atmosphere, and it is a fun activity to boot. You can take in the sights and sounds of nature, and not necessarily the chaos of the road. It is also healthy exercise, something that any medical practitioner would recommend.
  2. Instead of constantly using paper and plastic bags provided by the grocery store, bring your own. These days, many stores are selling special, recyclable canvas bags that allow people to use them over and over when they shop. If your concern is over fashion and style, there is no need to worry. Reusable canvas bags come in many different colors and designs; there is sure to be something that would fit perfectly to your taste. Remember, they need not only be used in one place. You can use them anywhere you please, from the shopping mall to the local video game store.
  3. Finally, during the colder months of the year, consider using as little of your heater as possible. This may seem like a crazy idea, but doing this will keep down the level of energy and electricity that your home consumes. There are many ways in which you could still keep warm. You could wear warm layers of clothing; frequently drink hot cocoa, and so on. You could even have a fire pit installed to keep you warm at any time of the day. Fire pits make excellent substitutes for heaters, and it is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Sit around and talk and you may just learn new things.

Geoffrey F. Moore
Fire Pit

Article Source: Geoffrey Moore
How to Be Environmentally Friendly Quickly and Easily

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